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Better safe than sorry.

Workplace safety, transparent processes and adherence to the highest quality standards in execution are crucial at M.E.G. To that end, we work exclusively with accredited inspection authorities.

We respect all our legal obligations and abide by compliance rules and regulations. We are also subject to the BAT standards for waste treatment facilities under the European Union IPPC Directive. Our employees are supplied with personal protective equipment and their safety is ensured by means of appropriate work procedures and instructions. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation measures ensure the health and safety of our team and suppliers, as well as guaranteeing the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Sustainable and high-quality execution is an indispensable feature of our responsibility to our clients and employees, as well as being essential for the protection of the environment and for the greater good. We are especially proud to report that no deficiencies were identified in our 2019 environmental inspection.

SQS Certificate in German
Short report
Environmental inspection short report in German