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Comprehensive waste management services.

We undertake one-off and regular waste disposal projects and waste flows. We offer a complete waste-disposal service under the one roof or individual items of work, as the customer wishes. Our services range from receiving waste to interim storage and microbiological or mechanical processing and consultancy services. Moreover, we will be happy to help if you require any information on the import or export of waste, or notifications.

We also undertake the cleaning and rehabilitation of fuel station sites and railway lines, the remediation of contaminated sites and land recycling including the rehabilitation of commercial and industrial sites with soil contamination issues. The removal of excavation materials after accidents, where residues of fuel or heating fuels are present, is also included in our range.

For companies ...

Proprietors of real estate or buildings can rely on us to make the final arrangements for facilities scheduled to be shut down, and on our know-how in industrial and commercial operations involving specific production wastes such as slurries, grit, dust and more. Our clients also include companies from the building and construction industries engaged in earthworks and/or demolition activities, along with commercial waste collectors and planning and reporting bodies in these sectors.

... and private individuals.

Private individuals can come to us for all their waste disposal needs.

Overfilling of a fuel tank, accidents involving cars or heavy vehicles, burst hydraulic pipes on construction vehicles?

We are your number one contact partner for the accidental discharge of liquids or solid materials into the environment, within a building or underground, as well as soil or building contamination involving fuel oil, diesel, hydraulic fluid or motor oil. We are equally happy to manage the acceptance and further processing of contaminated excavation materials or provide information on legal and regulatory matters.

In these cases, property owners and polluters can rely equally on our know-how. Construction clients who are working at a contaminated location, carrying out new constructions or renovation works, or wanting to clean up buildings and areas with contaminated brickwork or subsoil areas, will find us well able to assist. Equally, we are the perfect partner for property owners of fire-damaged real estate or buildings.

On-site or off-site.

Depending on the requirements of the individual project, at M.E.G. we are able to carry out either off-site or on-site procedures, where we implement the project on the site itself. Practical implementation, of course, includes prior review and preparation of the necessary documents.

Our clients can have confidence in our many years of experience and the know-how of our experts. Our credo is to provide personal advice in response to all enquiries.

There are certain waste types that we are not (yet) able to accept. These include liquid waste, household and industrial waste, packaging materials and plastic waste.

Your contact to find the right waste disposal partner.

Margot Mayrhofer Sales Manager

Our services in detail.