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The Wolfern facility

Space for your waste.

Along with our headquarters in Linz, we also operate a waste treatment facility at the Wolfern site. The building has a usable area of 2,700m2 and a total volume of around 30,000m3.

It contains a complex technical base seal, comprising a “multi-combination sealing system” with a collector line providing ventilation via extraction for heavy gas mixtures. The facility is also equipped with an air supply and exhaust system and an activated carbon filter to remove odorous substances and escaping organic hydrocarbons. A biofilter with upstream scrubber biochemically purifies the air, extracting specific highly odorous organic and inorganic compounds.

Safety is a high priority at M.E.G. The facility is fitted with the latest gas sensors, which measure the lower explosion limit of various combustible gases, in addition to the required lightning protection. In addition, we have installed emergency exits, fire protection valves and fire extinguishers.

Nine individually controlled doors and a 3.6m3 wheel loader for temporary storage are available to ensure that waste can be delivered easily and with the lowest possible level of noise pollution. The facility generates no other emissions (e.g. dust).