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Professional waste collection and treatment.

Would you like to dispose of some waste? Whether your waste contains hazardous materials or not, you’ve come to the right place. We accept contaminated and uncontaminated waste, solid waste and materials with high mineral content such as soil and excavation materials, demolition waste, sand trap sediments and semisolid slurries.

Do you need assistance with waste disposal legislation and the waste industry? Advisory services are a major focus of our company.

When it comes to the collection, treatment and recycling of waste, you will find M.E.G., or Mikrobiologische Erddekontamination GmbH, to be your competent partner in waste disposal.

A broad range of expertise in environmental protection. 

Our range of services includes the acceptance of waste and mechanical and microbiological treatment. The planning, construction and operation of environmental engineering construction projects and facilities are also covered by our portfolio. We will be happy to take on the exploration and rehabilitation of your polluted areas and contaminated sites.

At our site in Wolfern, experts will take care of microbiological cleaning processes and promote the “self-healing power of the soil”.

Advice and services relating to waste. 

We are always ready to assist with advice or practical services and provide information on subjects such as waste management law, the waste industry, notifications and much more. If needed, our specialist team can assist you in obtaining the necessary official permits and provide instructions on compliance with relevant statutory rules and requirements.