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We collect and process your waste.

M.E.G. is a reliable and versatile partner in waste collection and treatment. As a small local business with a broad range of services, our work practices are cost-effective, solution-oriented and pragmatic. It is particularly important to us to provide personal advice to all our clients. This means we can guarantee you swift processing and a high-quality service at a reasonable price.

As a complete service provider, we take care of waste acceptance as well as microbiological and mechanical waste treatment. Individual advice is another key feature of our service range, as is assistance with notifications and other statutory waste disposal requirements or waste management concerns.

Our pioneering spirit is demonstrated by our continually expanding business area, increases in key number consensuses and ongoing research into innovative recycling methods.

Project-based advice and implementation.

No one project is quite like the next. Depending on the type of waste, there are different requirements that must be observed. Along with external off-site procedures, we also make use of on-site waste treatment processes where necessary. 

After appropriate treatment, many forms of waste can be used to substitute for raw materials or disposed of in appropriate qualities, where technical, economic and legal considerations allow.

Our many years of experience and customer-oriented approach enable us to find optimum and cost-effective solutions for you – even in cases with very special requirements. Many regular customers have been entrusting their projects to us for years.